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5 essential beauty products to keep in your gym bag

We all love a good workout . Well at least some of us do. Sure, a good gym sesh can have you feeling and looking great but it doesn't mean that you come along with just your trainers and a quality fitness bra. 

If only it was that easy. To ensure your workout is a screaming success (before, after and during), here are five beauty products that we think should be safely stowed away in your gym bag:

1. Facial Hydration Mist
You drink water while you work out, so don’t forget your face needs moisture too. A quick spritz after you train will do wonders for your skin.

2. Lip Balm
No one likes kissing crusty lips, and training and perspiration can give your lips a flakier crust than a winter pie. So apply a lip balm before and after you train.

3. Body Spray
It’s great to work hard, but you don’t want to smell like you worked hard… so a light spray will ensure you can still get close to people after your session.

4. Dry Shampoo
Grease lightning the song was a hit around the world, but grease lightning the hairdo is a total turnoff. Dry shampoo to the rescue, keep it in your gym bag and you’ll never have to hide after your workout.

5. Hair Ties/Elastics
There’s nothing worse than running your legs off on the treadmill only to have your hair tie break, your fringe ends up in your eyes, making you lose balance and fall off in front of the cute guy on the rowing machine. Be prepared with a stash of spare hair ties, elastics and hair pins to avert disaster before it happens.

So enjoy your workout, or endure it, either way you’ll be covered with these vital products.


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