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Why every girl needs a primer

When asked if they use a makeup primer, it's amazing how many people actually say no. For some people it's a time factor as a primer is just another product to add to the beauty routine. However, if you haven't used one before then I (for one) am here to tell you that you're really missing out! Sure it might take a couple more minutes but your whole makeup-wearing-day depends on that one small extra step. Trust me! 

I put it to you like this... Would you use conditioner without shampoo? Would you eat with a knife but no fork? Exactly! While you can certainly try but you get more benefit from these items when you use them in sync with one another. Well, your foundation and primer is just the same - they go hand-in-hand. You shouldn't use one without the other!

Basically, a primer preps your skin and provide the perfect base for your favourite foundation or moisturiser by giving it something to hold onto so it lasts throughout the day. So, whether you're a full-face makeup wearer or a simple BB cream and lip balm kinda gal, adding a primer to your beauty regime can be a real godsend - and one that is certainly worth the investment.

Available in creams, gels and powers, there are many reasons why a primer is a must-have beauty item for every female on the planet... (1) it combats shine, which is reason enough if you ask me; (2) it creates a smooth base for your foundation which means your makeup has a nicer application; (3) can smooth fine lines, wrinkles and large pores; (4) it helps your makeup to stay put and; (5) last longer (both on your skin and in your makeup bag)! 

Plain and simple when you use a primer your skin and makeup just looks better, giving it a healthy glow that makeup can't do alone. Trust me, if you invest in one new beauty product this year, make it a primer. 

In search of a great makeup primer? Shop our editor and staff picks below.


Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Gold Primer (50ml) - $44

Inika Certified Organic Pure Primer - $45


Glow Minerals Face Primer - $31.20


Thalgo Terre Mer Perfect Glow Primer (30ml) - $42.30


The Balm Time Balm Primer - $31.45



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