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When was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Makeup Brushes?

Every day you cleanse your skin, but what about your makeup brushes? Bacteria, old makeup and all sorts of nasties can live in the bristles, causing everything from colour transfer to breakouts. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your brushes, chances are you are applying more than just makeup to your face.

Every couple of days, give your brushes a quick spray with Napoleon Perdis Brush Cleaner. It not only removes makeup but disinfects as well! (We love it!)

Then every two to four weeks, give them a thorough wash. Take note there is definitely an art to doing this right so that you don't damage the brushes:

  1. Wet the bristles with warm water (avoid the handle or you may loosen the glue over time).
  2. Gently massage the bristles with a mild shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and repeat. Apply a small amount of conditioner to the bristles, then rinse again.
  3. Squeeze the moisture out of the bristles. Brushes need air circulation to dry properly, so lay them flat on a towel on the edge of a table to air-dry overnight.

It’s that easy. But if you think your brushes have seen better days, why not invest in some new ones? Check out the great range of makeup brushes available online at Celcius.

One of our favs is the limited edition Napoleon Perdis Brush Love 6-Piece (shown below) for $99 which is only available for a few months as a Christmas gift set. 


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