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7 Things Causing Harm to your Skin, but NOT the Usual Suspects

Every day it seems we are warned about dangers to our health, but what about our skin? You know to wear sunscreen, and drink lots of water, but what else? You want your skin to be radiant and soft, and looking great, so here are some hidden nasties to avoid, that may well surprise you…..

1. Dry Cleaned Clothes Left in the Plastic

We’ve all been guilty of leaving our freshly dry cleaned party dress hanging in the plastic until the next time it’s worn, but the chemicals used in dry cleaning can be harmful to our skin. You need to let your clothes breathe before you wear them again, so remove the plastic as soon as you can.

2. Wearing Dirty Sunglasses

Bacteria can build up on the frames of your sunnies, and glasses. To prevent irritation and possible breakouts, you need to clean them regularly to prevent the bacteria entering the pores on your nose.

3. Too Much Sugar

Sad as it is, too much sugar damages the collagen in your skin, which can lead to loss of elasticity in your skin. Avoid excess sugar in your diet and you’ll avoid drooping skin.

4. Too Much Sodium

Another blow to the culinary world, too much salt in your diet will leach the moisture from your skin. If you want your skin to be radiant and supple, rethink that second pretzel and opt for something less salty instead.

5. Stress

Stress can give you a dull complexion and much more. Everything from outbreaks to rashes, and even wrinkles from frowning and grimacing, so try and reduce the stress in your life. What better excuse do you need to have a massage, get a facial, or just take time to relax?

6. Long Hot Showers

Whilst a long hot shower is a great way to relax, it’s anything but relaxing for your skin. You risk loss of moisture and a scaly complexion as the outer layer of your epidermis is removed by the hot water. So save your skin, and some water, and leave the long hot showers for another day.

7. Caffeine

A hard truth to swallow, but caffeine causes dry skin, which can lead to wrinkles. Cut down on the coffee and consider waking up with a cup of herbal tea and the promise of great skin instead.

We’re all guilty of harming our skin on occasion, but the news isn’t all bad. With regular use of purifying cleansers, exfoliators, and hydrating moisturizers, you can minimize the damage. Check out the Dermalogica range for a start, or come into our Skin Centre for advice and treatments to get your skin looking beautiful again. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make.


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