5 Reasons to Book a Massage

Let’s face it; we all love a good massage, don’t we? Whether you're into hot stone massages or deep tissue is more your style, there is no denying that getting a massage is a great chance to relax.

While having a massage serves as a great opportunity to get some valuable 'you' time into your week, did you know it also comes with loads of health benefits too?! That being said, here are five reasons you should take time out to see one of our professional therapists for a well-deserved massage.

1. Hello Fabulous Skin

By increasing your blood circulation through massage, your overall skin tone improves, helping you look your best.

2. Goodbye Anxiety

Massage reduces anxiety by lowering your cortisol hormone levels and increasing serotonin. This boost in ‘Happy Hormone’ will calm you and can even lower blood pressure. (And less anxious frowning means fewer wrinkles.

3. Improved Immune System

By reducing your stress levels with massage, you are reducing stress hormones, like adrenalin, norepinephrine and cortisol. Studies have shown high levels of these hormones impair your immune system.

4. One for the Gym Junkies

After a workout your muscles will recover more quickly with massage than a rest, so no more limping after the pump class! Some massage techniques even stretch and relax muscles, increasing your flexibility too.

5. Feeling the Love

This is not a scientific reason, but one we think is important. You deserve to take time out and do something for yourself. Think how great it makes you feel?

What better excuse do you need for a massage?? Book online now

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