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Get on Cloud Nine in four seconds with The O

Great hair results in four seconds? It’s not a lot of time, but that’s all you need with the fantastic hair curling system ‘The O’ by Cloud Nine. They are not just any old heated roller set; they are a revolutionary styling system that we just love.

Volume and movement can be yours effortlessly and quickly. The O Rollers take just 4 seconds to heat in The O Pod, and because they heat from the core, (using induction), they heat your hair not your hand. No more burnt fingers in the pursuit of curls!

Another fabulous feature of The O Roller is the soft grip technology. This makes them really easy to use as you don’t need to use pins to hold them in your hair. They come in a range of sizes too, so you can choose volume or curls, depending on your mood.

But wait, there’s more. All Cloud Nine hair styling products all work on a lower temperature, ensuring your hair stays healthy during the styling process. No wonder we love this range.

Not only do Celcius stock this great product, and ship Australia wide, but The O Pod and the awesome The O Ultimate Set (including the O Pod, a selection of O Rollers and more) are both on sale. Check them out online here at Celcius Adelaide. You’ll be on Cloud Nine with an O before you know it.


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