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Emergency Kit – Five Beauty Products to Stash in your Desk

Work can be hard enough without getting sprung with mascara on your lips and bed hair when the boss comes to visit… So here’s our list of beauty essentials to stash at work, and never be caught out again.

1. Kohl Pencil

Old fashioned but multipurpose, you can use this to touch up eyeliner, eyebrows, and even smudge it on your eyelids for that smokey eye look. Also handy for colouring in your leg if you find a hole in your black tights

2. Hair Powder

One of the greatest inventions this century!! It gives you hold without water, adds body, even absorbs oil when you’ve not had time to wash your hair

3. Bronzing Powder

Another awesome product, it can be used as all over face powder, apply more for blusher, and is another option for eye shadow. No matter how pale you are from the weekend, this will hide all

4. Neutral Lip Gloss

A simple neutral lip gloss will match any colour clothing and eye make up. So if you’ve left behind your lips on your coffee mug, a quick fix with Lip Gloss and your boss will never know how late you were out last night!

And finally

5. Refreshing Face Mist

If nothing else, a quick spritz of face mist will freshen your appearance, even if you only have seconds before the boss gets to your desk

Check out the great range of essentials available at Celcius online and get your emergency kit happening before it becomes a genuine WHS issue.


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