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5 Beauty Treatments to help you get a Good Night’s Sleep

We all know how hard a long day can be. Work, play and otherwise all can add up to a bad night’s sleep. So how do you change that? We have some sweet suggestions on how to forget the day you had and catch a great night’s sleep. You’ll wake up looking the better for it…

1. Dry Body Brushing
What a gorgeous and relaxing way to stimulate cirlulation, shed dry skin cells and detox all at one time…

2. Fuzzy Socks
Do you really need an excuse to put on fuzzy socks?? After a long day give yourself a foot rub, apply a foot lotion, pop on your fave fuzzy socks and feel the stress just drift away.

3. Facial Mask
Whilst in salon treatments are awesome, sometimes one at home is just as amazing. They refresh your skin and get you super relaxed ready for bed. One of our favourites is Thalgo Hyaluronic Mask

4. A Warm Bath
We all know and love this one, but all too often forget how great it is to just sit and soak. Add some Thalgo Lagoon Water Bath Pebbles and the day will just fade away into oblivion.

5. Pillow Spritz
Ok, you’ve done all the prep; it’s time to go to bed. But before you go, lightly spritz your pillow with lavender essential oil. You’ll be in asleep and dreaming of Ryan Gossling in no time.

Try our tricks, and in the morning you’ll wake refreshed and looking stunning, it’s really that easy.

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