Drop those Scissors, GHD now Repairs Split Ends

Yep you read correctly. Put those scissors away as GHD have found a way to repair split ends instantly!

Gone are the dreaded trips to the hairdresser only to have 4cms cut off that you’ve spent the last 12 months trying to grow….  GHD Advanced Split End Therapy nourishes and binds your damaged ends leaving them sleek, shiny and repaired for up to 10 washes.

How does it work? (I hear you say as you rush to order some from Celcius), well pretty simple really. Just wash your hair, apply a small amount to the damaged hair, then blow dry it smooth with your GHD hairdryer. To bind the ends, just pass your GHD straightener over each section to seal the product. It’s that easy.

That’s all this awesome product needs, thanks to the patented Thermo-Marine Bonding™ system. AND it contains Super Nutrient Complex to prevent future breakage!

We could go on but no doubt you’re scrambling to get some for yourself, so as a famous Aussie once said, “do yourself a favour” and get some today. Celcius stock this amazing product and ship Australia wide.

(Just don’t tell your hairdresser as you won’t be seeing them as often anymore...).



Celcius Beauty

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