• Drop those Scissors, GHD now Repairs Split Ends

    Yep you read correctly. Put those scissors away as GHD have found a way to repair split ends instantly! Gone are the dreaded trips to the hairdresser only to have 4cms cut off that you’ve spent the last 12 months trying to grow….  GHD Advanced Split End Therapy nourishes and binds your damaged ends leaving them sleek, shiny and repaired for up to 10...
  • 4 Hair Products to try this Month

    Christmas and New Years are over; no doubt you’re now feeling a tad flat. Why not get yourself and your hair reinvigorated by trying some awesome hair products? 1. Fudge Make-a-Mends Shampoo and Conditioner Over styling, under conditioning and exposure to the sun, your poor hair needs a treat. So Make-a Mends with it, say sorry and get it back to the condition it should...
  • Have you caught the Color Bug yet??

    A big trend in hair at the moment is the flash of colour. I’m not talking blonde or auburn, I’m talking about bright colors, like pink, orange and purple. And what better way to get on trend than with this fun new product from Kevin.Murphy – Color Bug. Why is it so great? It’s temporary for a start, so you can use it on...
  • 5 Tips to Make Every Day a Good Hair Day

    Having a bad hair day? It doesn’t have to be. Whether your hair is long or short, coloured or natural, follow these 5 easy tips and say hello to a 'good' hair day. 1. Regular Trims The single most important tip is to have regular trims. Even if you are growing it, your hair needs snipping every six to eight weeks or you risk...
  • Our 5 most-loved Showpony before and after shots

    Wow, if you've always loved the idea of hair extensions but never gone there then maybe these fab do's will be just the thing to twist your arm. Long gone are the days of extensions meaning you just get longer hair. Nowadays, thanks to innovative and fashion-forward brands like Showpony, extensions are far from meaning 'just' longer locks. Thanks to their gorgeous range of...
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