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Lash me

Nothing makes your eyes pop more than luscious, thick, long eyelashes. Of course apart from the lucky few, (and they really are just a few), most of us just don’t have the lashes we desire.

False eyelashes are an option, and many gals just love the look and have no trouble applying them. For some of us though, the eyelashes end up as eyebrows or a lady moustache which is hardly attractive and never desired.

Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance what you have naturally and make your stunning eyes look even more gorgeous. Celcius Style Bar are the experts at eyelash extensions and have a look to suit everyone.

You can have the Daily Look – the most natural of all and fabulous for those with short eyelashes. It pretty much enhances about 50% of your natural lashes. Evening Look will make your lashes look fuller by enhancing about 75% of your lashes.

For a dramatic full and fabulous set of lashes, go the Glamour Look. Your eyes will command attention as this set enhances 100% of your natural lashes.

It’s super easy to have done and all looks last for up to 6 weeks and you can even forget mascara!! No more claggy blobs on your eyelids.

For more info or to book in, call the experts at Celcius Style Bar on 8274 1111 or book online for a good lashing….


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