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Rose gold hair – the latest trend!

by Jodie Hansen 09 May 2016

No girl would say no to rose gold, right? It’s so vintage and gorgeous, but why stop at jewellery when the latest hair trend means you can have rose gold hair! It’s pretty, girlie and makes you feel luxurious every day.

Rose gold hair is showing up everywhere, from the catwalks to instagram and for great reason too. Everyone can wear it. You can go edgy with all over colour, or more restrained with highlights.

Even skin tone isn’t an issue; there’s a shade for all. If you have a warm complexion, go for rose copper hues. If your skin has a cool complexion, opt for rose mahogany shades.

It’s such a cute look that really embraces hair that is romantic and fun all at the same time. 

But having gorgeous hair is about much more than just choosing a fabulous shade... it has to be healthy as well. To make sure your new rose gold hair shines like real gold, treat yourself to a quality hair treatment. We love Kevin Murphy Angel Masque and it even comes in a pink bottle!

So be the first amongst your friends to get your girlie on with this gorgeous new trend in hair. You deserve some luxury in your life don’t you?

Looking for some rose gold inspiration? Her are some of our fav Instagram posts:

Photos credit from Instagram (L-R) - @colorfulhair777, thefifteenthxv, mermaidcloseth and carrieczunas

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