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Stay hydrated this winter

Has anyone else noticed how chilly the weather has got all of a sudden?

That can only mean one thing... it's time to trade-in our swimsuits and beach towels for gloves and woolen scarves. As the winter haze sets in, our wardrobe isn't the only thing that requires a seasonal change - so too does our skincare regime! Now is definitely the time to revisit your daily routine. In fact, it's worth investing in an appointment with a skincare consultant to see how you could best revive your products to suit the cooler weather.

Winter is often a time when our skin can get quite dehydrated and start to flake. How can you avoid this? The answer... hydration! Keep your skin hydrated.

While there are many ways you can do this, one of the most simplest and effective ways is to switch up your moisturiser and/or foundation. One product that we love is the Youngblood Liquid Foundation! It's super creamy and provides tonnes of moisture to dehydrated skin, helping to give your skin a radiant glow all year round. 

TIP: To boost your hydration apply the Youngblood Moisture Tint on top of your foundation. This will help to give you a healthy hydrated glow during those cooler months.

We stock tonnes of hydrating skincare products (including the Youngblood Liquid Foundation and Youngblood Moisture Tint) that will help keep your skin in check this winter, simply browse our website for a complete list of brands and products. 

Not sure what products to use? Contact our Skin Centre on 8274 1114 and make an appointment with one of our professional skincare consultants who will take time to work out the best skincare regime for you, your skin and (most importantly) your budget. 


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