The perfect mani

The concept of the manicure has been around for years... perfectly-kept nails are just something us women have grown up with.

Trust me, my nanna was a stickler for  gorgeous nails. She always kept a nail file and quality hand cream on her to ensure her nails were always in tip-top shape. Look in her top draw... nail file. Open her hand bag... nail file. Car... nail file. There it was, in case (heaven forbid) one should break and leave her with a snaggle-nail. Not a good look!  

Women of today are no different. Golly, last Christmas my mum bought be a nail file on a key ring... (I know, what the?) they truly do think of everything these days. So, while I'm sure this write up won't tell you anything you don't already know, think of it more as a refresh for those of us ladies (which I strongly feel is the majority) who like to keep their nails looking darling. 

Cause I don't know about you but I, for one, always seem to do my nails in a hurry and this leads to skipping those all-important steps along to the way. Go on, admit it... how many times have you applied one coat, instead of two? Or ignored the need to buff them first because you're in a hurry to get to dinner? Far out, last time I did my nails I had to wave them in front of the air-conditioner vent in my car to dry them on the way to my night out - talk about multitasking! 

So ladies, I could go on about this topic all day but before I digress any further, here they are, the don't-miss-one-or-you'll-regret-it steps to creating perfect nail goodness: 

  1. Remove any existing nail polish with a nail-polish remover (duh!).
  2. Hydrate with a quality cuticle oil. (How many times have you missed this one eh?)
  3. File and buff. And buff. And buff. And buff. Okay you can stop buffing now. Next step. 
  4. Prep with a base coat or your favourite treatment. 
  5. Apply the first coat of colour... may we recommend Essie or OPI.
  6. Apply the second coat of colour. 
  7. Last but not least, use a top coat to seal the deal. 

So there you have it my glamour pusses, the seven wonders of the world. Well, not quite but you get my drift. Now go and check your beauty cases, bags, cabinets or whatever it is that you use to store all your beautification products in. Should anything look like it's getting low, you know where to go to top them up... of course. xx

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