Making Waves at Milan Fashion Week 2015 – Celcius

Making Waves at Milan Fashion Week 2015

Forget stiff up-dos and carefully sculptured buns, one of the big beauty trends to come out of Milan Fashion Week 2015 earlier this year was windswept hair. Tousled, beach waves and textured caught-in-the-wind styles were huge on the runway with Roberto Cavalli going for that 'sex on the beach' look thanks to Sam McKnight, while Paul Hanlon requested that the Gucci models go to bed with damp hair in order to create a natural kink. While over at Marni, Hanlon created texture using his hands for a more weathered and wind-swept look.

Want to get the look and recreate a tousled, relaxed-do that's hot off the runway? We recommend Paul Mitchell's Ultimate Wave Beachy Texture Cream-Gel, Evo Salty Dog Salt SprayMUK Beach Sea Salt Spray or the Evo Gangsta Bonding Resin - all perfect for creating that wind-swept, 'I've just come from the beach' look. 



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