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Tips to Ensure Your Spray Tan Lasts Longer

We’ve had a few glimpses of the sun, spring is here and summer is around the corner. So you want to keep your tan longer, to last not only the day of the spray but the weekend too. Here are some pointers to help you keep your spray tan lasting longer….

1. Preparation is the Key

At least three days before your treatment, you need to start exfoliating your skin. We like Aviva Deep Clean. This will get rid of the dead-skin layer, allowing any spray tan to colour skin that is here to stay, rather than the layer about to shed. Any waxing should be done at least 24 hours prior; this will put an end to ‘dark pore tanning’.

2. Time to Shower Before Your Tan

By allowing at least eight hours between your last shower and exfoliation, and your spray tan, you ensure the optimum pH level in your skin, thus better absorption. Which equates to a better tan!

3. Do Forget Your Mum

Deodorant is a barrier for spray tan. So if you want your underarms to be tanned, forget the deodorant, if only for the day…

4. Loose Clothing and Pedicure-Friendly Shoes

It really doesn’t matter what you wear home in the car, so don’t ruin your fabulous new tan by wearing clingy clothing and tight-fitting shoes. For the best results, we recommend you wear loose-fitting clothing and appropriate footwear when you come to get your spray tan applied.

5. Listen to Your Technician

Not all spray tans are the same. Listen to the professionals on how to treat your new tan, to keep it looking great and lasting longer.

 6. Your First Shower After

Wait at least six to eight hours before having your first shower after the spray tan, and keep hot showers to a minimum, as they can cause your tan to fade. Similarly, avoid body crèmes that promise to leave a ‘moisturising layer’, in all truth they will probably just leave a residue which can also fade your tan.

7. Moisture, not Oil

Yes the skin needs moisture to keep the tan, but an oil-based moisturiser can lead the tan to literally slip off. Go oil-free to keep your colour. Aviva Labs Velvet Soft Moisturising Crème is a great one.

 8. Helpful Hands

Whilst you may get your spray tan to last on your body, your hands and face are likely to be washed more thoroughly and more frequently. The best back-up for this is some ‘at-home self-tanning cream’. This will allow you to top up your tan on these areas whilst maintaining your colour on the rest of your body.

 9. Out of Your Control

Sunscreen, chlorine, heavy exercise and sweating can break down your tan. Either take this as an excuse to pull out of that Sunday morning gym session, or start using a gradual tanner. You can apply one after each shower and it will slowly build up colour. In fact, a gradual tanner (like Ashy Bines Gradual Tan Tone Moisturising Lotion) is also a great way to maintain your spray tan.

So there you have it, tips to maintain your spray tan. For more advice call in and see the experts at our Celcius Tanning Centre




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