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Countdown the Top 5 Worst Makeup Disasters

How often do you see bad makeup mistakes on the internet or out and about? We all have a good chuckle, so we thought we’d count down our favourite 5 Worst Makeup Disasters, and our tips to avoid them….

  1. Wrong Foundation Colour

Whilst orange, might look great on a piece of fruit, it’s not so good on the face. Always test your foundation colour on your face. The back of your hand is never a good place to try the colour, as your hands are rarely the same shade. If in doubt, get a professional to help choose with you. And remember to blend the foundation at the jaw, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask.

    1. Orange Fake Tan

    No, we’re not picking on orange as a colour, we’d just prefer to see people with a good natural glow, not looking like a traffic cone. With so many great new tanning products out there, it’s hard to believe people still get it wrong? Start with a spray tan from the experts, and whilst there get a recommendation of the right product for you.

    1. Bleeding Lipstick

    Apart from accidentally wiping your face with your sleeve, there is no excuse for lipstick bleeding beyond the lip line, or getting on your teeth. If you keep your lips moist, and use lip liner, you’re well on the way to keeping your lipstick where it should be. Check out the Make-Up Studio range of lip products to get inspired.

    1. Running Mascara

    Mascara belongs on the lashes, not under the eyes or on the cheeks. So unless you are on your way to a fancy dress party as a Panda, the simple use of non-smudge mascara will ensure it stays on the lashes. Try ASAP Mineral Mascara, it’s never let me down.

    And finally, the number ONE in Bad Makeup Disasters….

    1. Bad Eyebrows

    With so many examples it’s hard to know where to start. The over plucked, the under plucked, the heavily penciled, dyed blue black, and the mono brow, all fine contenders for the title. But without a doubt, the badly shaped brow is the worst offender. If you look permanently surprised or furious at the world, you need a brow re-shape.

    So there you have it, our top 5 Makeup mistakes.

    It’s great to have a laugh, but if you find yourself spotting other mistakes out and about, perhaps you have an eye for it? A career as a Makeup Artist can see you righting the wrongs of the makeup world and having a great time doing it. Click here for information about the Celcius Makeup Academy.

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