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Waxing Ready for Summer


Adelaide get ready, summer is around the corner and with it comes bare skin and bathers. Which, in short, equals hair removal and, well, for those that are a fan of waxing, you need to start planning your summer now.

Get your calendar out and work back from important dates. You don’t want to be sitting at the Christmas table in long pants as your waxing appointment is a week away. You’ll need to wax every 3 to 4 weeks, so plan your appointments in advance. Book online at our Skin Centre to ensure you’re not caught out.

And whether it’s a half leg or XXX wax… even a full Brazilian wax, remember to exfoliate between treatments. It removes dead skin, stops clogged pores and prevents ingrown hairs. There are great products around like Decleor Exfoliating Body Crème, but leave any tweezer removal of ingrown hair to the professionals.

Also moisturise daily. This will keep your skin looking smooth and fantastic between treatments. But just remember, don’t moisturise prior to your appointment on the day of your wax. This is a no-go zone.

So there you go Adelaide, embrace the sunshine and your hair removal regime and get ready for what will be a fabulous hair-free summer. For more advice or to make a booking, talk to the experts in waxing at our Skin Centre.

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