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Best Face Forward

You’ve got a big night planned. With a new dress to wear, your hair will be done… why not get your makeup done too? It’s not that expensive these days, and can really finish off your look.

More and more people are having their makeup professionally done; don’t assume that your gorgeous friend has suddenly become an expert at application. Chances are she’s snuck out to the beauty salon and had it applied by a professional makeup artist.

Celcius makeup artists here in Adelaide, have been around since 2010, and have applied makeup for every special occasion and major event – from runways and photo shoots to wedding makeup - we’ve done it all! Seasonal or traditional, our makeup artists and style team will give you that final polish to complete your look. (Oh and did we mention we even have a team of professional hairstylists and spray tan consultants available too? Might as well go all out!)

So next time you have something planned, why not treat yourself and get the total look from head to toe... and be the person everyone else is envious of.

For more info, check out the Celcius Styling Team.




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