Fab False Lashes in Six Steps


Do you love the look of false eyelashes but are afraid to give them a try? It’s actually pretty easy if you follow these six steps –

1. Eyeshadow

Apply your eyeshadow first, but leave eyeliner application until after your fabulous lashes are attached.  

 2. Trim

Cut the lashes to fit your eyelid, and trim from the outer edge where the lashes are thickest.

 3. Adhesive

Apply a thin layer of adhesive to each lash, and wait for a few moments for the adhesive to start to set. (If the adhesive is starting to set the lash won’t slip around on your eyelid as much)

4. Apply (no tweezers allowed)

Use your fingers, (never tweezers) to place the lash on your eyelid. Start with the outer corner first, and apply pressure as you want them tight against your lashline. If you want to “lift” your eyes, apply the outer extension just above the natural line of the lashes.

5. Blend

Use your fingers to gently pinch the false lashes to your natural lashes, blending them together.

6. Finishing Touches

Add mascara and eyeliner, and that’s it!

To get started Celcius have a fantastic range of falsies available online, like Gorgeous Cosmetics and Model Rock Lashes. Get some today and have lashes your friends will envy….


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