Can You Tan Your Face?

Summer is here and a slight glow or deep tan can be fantastic, but tanning under the sun is really bad for your skin and your face will show the damage and wrinkles the most.

So what’s the answer?

Yes, you can tan your face, using an artificial tan. Just remember these tips -

Your face is sensitive, so test the tanner first. You can try some on your hand, but a spot behind your ear will give you a better result to check if you are going to have a reaction or not.

You’ll need to remove any makeup, and then use a gentle exfoliant to remove excess skin. This is vital if you want your tan to be even and streak free. Next you apply a light oil-free moisturiser, this makes it easier to apply your tan. Always remember to wash your hands to ensure you don’t mix any dirt in with the tanner.

Finally, start to apply your tanner the same way you do your moisturiser or foundation; start with a small amount, and add more if needed.

Applying your tanner in natural light is best, and always remember to wash your hands after. Oh and make sure your makeup matches your new face colour too.

Check out the fabulous range of self tanners available online at Celcius Adelaide, and have a healthy glow top to toe.


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