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5 Reasons to Book in for Special Effects Makeup

by Chris Chris 28 Nov 2015

Photo: Our makeup artist Annie with one of our clients after having Special Effects Makeup applied.

Ok Adelaide, you may be wondering why you’d need Special Effects Makeup done at Celcius, but you’ll surprised at how often this fun service can be used.

Here's the most popular five: 

1. Costume Parties

You go to a lot of effort for the costume, so do the same for your face. Professional Makeup will finish off your costume and complete your look.

2. Promotional Work

Are you a business owner who sends out promotional staff with samples of your products? Why not have some special effects makeup done to compliment your range?

3. School Plays & Book Week

Whilst it is encouraged the kids learn to do their own makeup, booking them in to have it applied by a professional will not only look better, but give them a chance to see how it should be done (and get you out of doing it for them).

4. Halloween

Imagine the fantastic ghoulish effects you could add to your look? Halloween is getting big in Australia so really impress your friends by going all out!

5. Just for the Fun of It

Yep, it is fun. You can be anyone or anything just for the night. Whatever the season, you can tailor a look to suit. What better chance to be someone else for change.

Check out the fantastic results recently for a client, from the Celcius Styling Team. If you’d like to have some Special Effects Makeup done here in Adelaide, give us a call at Celcius (08) 8274 1111 or read more online.



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