Countdown the Worst Tattoos... Here's our Top 10!

Tattoos used to be forever, but with Laser Tattoo Removal they can be lightened or removed with little fuss. So looking at our list of the Worst Tattoos, you have to wonder why these people haven’t done something about theirs.

10. Michael Jackson, Bad in so many ways

9. Is correct spelling too much to ask?

8. Great on a handbag, not on your head

7. Grammar please

6. Let’s hope the wheels aren’t wonky


5. Praying the sink plunger will work

4. Looks like it was done with a texta

3. A clever way to keep track of your receipts

2. Did Elvis ever look like this??

And the worst one ever - 

1. This is why the camera was invented

    If you’d like more information on tattoo removal in Adelaide, call us at Celcius on (08) 8274 1114, or read more online. Prices start from $58, with 15 per cent discount when you book a course of 10 sessions. 





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