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Looking great in and out of the water

It’s a hot day. You’re at the beach or the pool, and you desperately want to get in. But you don’t want to come out of the water with your make-up running down your face making you look like a panda… So what is the answer?

Water Resistant Make-up.

With so many great products available now, you can swim with confidence. And let’s face it, you don’t usually wear a lot of make-up swimming, but this way you can still have eyes that pop and look stunning. A sun kissed natural look with eye liner and mascara is really all you need.

Celcius stock a range of make-up products, both online and in store to get you ready.

We love Youngblood Eye-Mazing Liquid Liner Pens. They dry quickly, come in an awesome range of colours, and last up to 24 hrs. If you prefer pencil eyeliner, try Glo Minerals Precision Eye Pencil. Its velvety texure glides on easily, and is long lasting water resistant. For Mascara another favourite is Glo Minerals Water Resistant Mascara, it lengthens, adds volume and is water resistant.

So next time you’re invited to the beach or the pool, say “yes”, and look gorgeous both in, and out of the water.

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