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5 Tips to Stop Your Makeup Melting in the Heat

Australian summers provide great swimming weather but during a 40-degree heatwave it feels like there is no escape... and wearing makeup that stays put almost feels like an impossible task. So, to help keep you flawless all year round, including poolside, here’s our top five tips to help stop your makeup melting and keep you looking fresh.

1. How Cool Can You Be?

If you don’t cool your face before you start applying your makeup, you’re fighting a losing battle. Cool your face with cold water or even iced water (if you’re brave). It’ll close the pores and get your temperature down for fabulous makeup application.

2. Primer

Primer is the best base in hot weather, use it before your foundation to keep it in place, or even just opt for a BB Cream instead. We love Youngblood Mineral Primer.

3. Less is More

Don’t risk striping like a zebra with heavily applied foundation and other makeup. Sheer, light coverage will keep you looking fresh and gorgeous in the hot weather.

4. Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup is not only great when you’re swimming, but in the heat of summer it’s an absolute must have to stop you looking like a Panda this summer. There are so many different products from eyeliner, to mascara and even eyebrow makeup!! Why not try Makeup Studio Waterproof Mascara and Makeup Studio Eye Definer?

5. Keep the Oil for Frying Chips

Even if you use oil based makeup normally, don’t be tempted in hot weather. It’ll just go greasy, and give your makeup a nice slippery surface to go sliding down your face.

Follow our tips this summer and the only thing melting will be the ice-cream.

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