• Mineral Makeup: Why you should make the switch

    Mineral Makeup: Why you should make the switch
    If you've ever wondered what the hype around mineral makeup is all about, we've got you covered! Here at Celcius we stock, use and LOVE several mineral makeup brands including Youngblood, Jane Iredale, Glo Minerals and Inika. Here are just some of the benefits you will experience when going mineral: Less preservatives!  The most common ingredients in mineral makeup include iron oxides, zinc oxide,...
  • Top 10 spots to stash your lip balm

    Sun, wind, eating, drinking, air conditioning... let's face it our lips have got it rough. They're always up against the elements. The solution. Lip balm. And lots of it! After all, there is nothing better for protecting your lips than a good quality lip balm.  And you can never have enough of the stuff! Whether I'm caught in a gust of gale-force winds outside or I'm getting...
  • It's royal and it's pink...

    In a week when Kate Middleton and Prince William announced the birth of their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, it seems only fitting that we brag about Glo Minerals Royal Lip Crayon - Imperial Pink. After all, it's royal... and it's pink. Very fitting don't you think?  This gorgeous crayon-inspired pencil shades the lips with a moisture rich and long-lasting sheer gloss, and has the precision...
  • Paint the town red

    Red is the colour of sirens and for good reason too - they make a noise! So of course, when you want to head out for a night on the town it only makes sense that you would want to put on your best little 'red' shoes and team them with your favourite 'red' lippy and, yes (you guessed it) your most-loved 'red' nail...
  • Cool down this winter in more ways than one

    Ordinarily when we think of winter shades, dark reds and deep burgundy hues instantly come to mind. However, it appears that designers have opted to lighten things up this year, with many of them teaming their 2014 fall collections at New York Fashion Week with sweet shades of rose pink and light baby blues. So here are three of our fav products to help...
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