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Paint the town red

Red is the colour of sirens and for good reason too - they make a noise! So of course, when you want to head out for a night on the town it only makes sense that you would want to put on your best little 'red' shoes and team them with your favourite 'red' lippy and, yes (you guessed it) your most-loved 'red' nail polish. 

Don't let the market confuse you though. I'm not talking mauve or burgundy. I mean bright crimson red. The kind of red that stain remover was created for. Hash-tag lipstick on white shirt. Bingo. That red. The red that was made for partying. The red that coined the phrase, 'paint the town red'.

So, for all those ladies out there who can't get through the weekend (or week for that matter) without a powerful red statement piece in their Prada here are a handful that we picked out especially for you... 

#1 The Balm Cosmetics Girls Lipstick - Mia Moore - $17.95

#2 Glo Minerals Precise Lip Liner - Aster Red - $12.80

#3 OPI 'OPI Red' - $17.95

#4 Napoleon Perdis Double Agent Rouge Lip Palette - $26.40

 #5 Glo Minerals Lipstick Siren - $19.20

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